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Blaque Pearle (2023)

A Novel 

Before her Hollywood dreams were shattered, Pearle Monalise Brown was the tenacious aspiring actress from Compton's unforgiving, scarred streets. Never broken, Pearle switches gears to a Plan B—resorting to her beauty and acting skills to swindle money and expensive jewels. When she's hired by the Colombian cartel to steal a priceless Basquiat from the debonair kingpin and art collector, Blaque, her talents might not be enough to keep her from falling into a trap she never saw coming.   


Blaque is sagacious and handsome—not to mention the legacy of two powerful organized crime families: the Laurents—known dons hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, and the Savages—a sophisticated syndicate with criminal enterprises across the U.S. As Blaque and Pearle become passionately entangled, Pearle falls prey to a darker underworld. Time is ticking, and lives are at stake. Will these love outlaws be able to outsmart their enemies, or will they wage an all-out war and let the bodies fall where they may? 

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Empress Creed (2024)

A Novel 

Before the cunning beauty, DUCLE ELLA MONROE transforms into her alias, EMPRESS, Queen Pin of a 1930’s illicit gambling operation, she dreams of a glamorous life as an international fashion designer. Raised during the Great Migration, Dulce grows up bound within the red-lined confinesof Chicago’s Southside. She graduates from the school of hard knocks under the unorthodox tutelage of three women: her mother, a nighttime stroller of the red-light district, her caregiver, an educated and loving blues singer, and her mentor, a Queen Pin of Chi-Town’s, “Black Metropolis.” Dulce yearns forfreedom beyond the unjust boundaries enforced by the United States post the “Reconstruction Era,” and after the roaring 1920’s, she feels a life of crime is her way out of oppression.Empress swims with sharks, but when she meets the perfect man, she drowns in a loving passion so deep, she’s wonders, “can a dame like me live happily ever after?”


Empress leaves her fate in the hands of chance, and she thrivesduring the Great Depression, despite the sickened state of America. Then, lady luck runs out. When the newly appointed mayor of Indiana’s “Little Chicago”, DAN DUNSTAN,demands the majority stake of Empress’ profits, she refuses. Mayor Dunstan hires EDDIE “IRISHMAN” CONAN, leader of the Irish mob to initiate a hostile takeover against her. To retaliate, Empress seeks an army of soldiers to defend her empire.


PERRY BLAIR SAVAGE, a debonair soldier, trains for combat, along with his brothers in the United States Army. The Savage brothers are honorably discharged during the height of the Great Depression, and they find, there are no jobs hiring Negro Americans. They choose to step into the life of organized crime and build a successful “numbers” operation in New York’s, Harlem. At that time, Perry Savage takes on the new alias,“SNIPES CREED,” a lawless jack of all trade contractor.


Snipes’ job reputation is impeccable, and he accepts two gigs in the same day that he can’t refuse. Both contracts are in theMidwest, the place where the perfect woman had captured his heart. Snipes is haunted by emotions from his past and when he sees Empress, he wonders, “can a dame like her live happily ever after?”


Empress and Snipes Creed battle for love and respect, but do they fight together or against one another?

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